A traditional yet modern
professional in the metal industry

Sheet metal, steel wire and furniture tubing products from our factories

Fast production plants in Lahti, Nummela and Sweden

With its three factories, Lankapaja Oy has been able to secure fast and efficient manufacturing and deliveries to its customers all over the Nordic countries. We manufacture items such as sheet metal, steel wire and furniture tubing products as contract manufacturing for things like logistical solutions and furnishing shops. Our largest factory is located in Nummela, where most of our employees work. From Nummela, we have regular shipments to both Sweden and Lahti, so we are able to utilise our broad machine stock at the Nummela facilities in our other factories, as well. Learn more
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Metal industry subcontracting for several decades

Lankapaja Oy was founded in 1935. Over the decades, we have gained strong experience and expertise in our industry, and today we are increasingly focused on metal industry subcontracting and contract manufacturing. Today we are a modern contract manufacturer of steel sheet metal that knows the requirements of the industry and is able to invest and develop its operations alongside advancing industry standards. Our customers receive high-quality, cost-efficiently manufactured products fast. Read more about the history of our company!


  • Revenue 22M EUR
  • 160 employees
  • 21 500 m2

    • Revenue 4M EUR
    • 25 employees
    • 3500 m2

    Skillangaryd, Sweden

    • Revenue 4M EUR
    • 25 employees
    • 4000 m2