A traditional yet modern
professional in the metal industry

Steel wire and furniture tubing products, sheet metal manufacturing and other metal work

Manufacturing in the Nummela-Lahti region and Sweden

Lankapaja Oy is able to offer personalised solutions for both small and large companies. Whether you need sheet metal manufacturing, steel wire or furniture tubing products or some other metal industry subcontracting project, we are always a reliable partner. Our production covers several areas of the metal industry, which allows us to live up to our motto of being a ”one-stop shop”. In our factories, the focus points and scope of production vary based on factory capacity and machine stock. You can find out more about our products here.

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Smooth subcontracting production with a professional

We are constantly investing in a maximally diverse machine stock to be able to offer cost-efficient manufacturing methods for our customers’ needs. Our largest factory in Nummela has a very expansive machine stock that allows for highly diverse production based on the customer’s needs. Find out about our production by watching the videos below.